Family Matters

Family Matters and Relationship Advice is if you are looking at:

  • getting married,
  • adopting children,
  • separating, divorcing,

making contact arrangements or deciding who can look after children

Or if you want to know your rights or the rights of your ex-partner, new partner or extended family in relation to your children. This may also cover deaths, wills, birth certificates and relationships.

For many of these issues you should bring any relevant documentation, including:

  • details of any marriage,
  • divorce
  • relevant court judgements,
  • details of who is named on birth certificates,
  • where a marriage took place (if outside the UK),
  • information on what other agencies might be involved (social services etc).

Be aware that often Citizens Advice Hull & East Riding cannot advise both sides of a dispute (divorce or childcare disputes) and if you both approach the same organisation then one of you would need to be referred or signposted elsewhere.

Online family advice can be found here: