Submit a meter reading ahead of energy prices reducing!

Energy prices will go down from 1st July when the Energy Price cap reduces. In order to benefit from the reduced rates as soon as possible, make sure you send your supplier a meter reading to stop them estimating usage and potentially applying the old higher prices to energy that is used after prices drop.

If you have a smart meter or a smart prepayment meter, your new rates should automatically be updated and readings sent automatically.

For those on a non-smart electric prepayment meter, top-up on Saturday 1st July (even if its only a pound!) and the rates will be updated. If you don’t top up, there’s potential to be paying the higher rate till you top-up.

There’s lots of different ways to submit a meter reading from calling your supplier, filling in a form, using an app and even texting them. Check with your individual supplier if you aren’t sure how to submit a meter reading.

If you can’t submit your reading today, take it as soon as possible and let your supplier know when you are able too – some suppliers will backdate your meter reading.